Emergency Orthodontic Care

While serious orthodontic emergencies are very rare, the occasional accident does happen. If you experience any of these more common emergencies such as broken, loose, or missing brackets and wires, don’t worry, just give our office a call at (770) 661-1706 and we’ll get you in for a repair appointment as quickly as possible. Our experienced team can even give you some tips on how to temporarily repair or handle the problem on your own until you can come in for a permanent fix. Check out our video below for some quick tips for dealing with common discomfort or irritation.

In an orthodontic emergency or accident situation, it’s best to stay calm and not panic. Take a moment to assess the situation and the specific issue so that you can reach out for the right kind of assistance. In cases that may be serious, such as those involving blood loss or major trauma, you will always want to call 911 for emergency assistance.