Finding the right braces for teens in Norcross, GA starts by visiting our office at Braces Now for a free initial consultation. While it’s very common for teens to need braces to close gaps and straighten teeth, teens can also be self-conscious about their appearance during treatment.

With our help, they will know that this process is temporary and that soon they’ll have a healthy, confident smile. In addition, we have different types of braces available and can advise your teen on which one is right for their needs and preferences.

Are There Any Lifestyle Changes?

Luckily, braces don’t impact a teen’s lifestyle too much, and they can mostly continue their routine as normal. However, braces for teens work best when keeping in mind a couple of important lifestyle changes.

The first adjustment is for your teen to be extra careful in their oral hygiene practices. Your teen will need to brush their teeth more often and meticulously to eliminate extra buildup and plaque. They will also need to floss around the wires and each bracket as directed by Dr. Sol and our staff.

The second lifestyle change will be avoiding certain kinds of foods. During the first few days of wearing braces, your teen should only eat soft foods to help limit any discomfort as their mouth adjusts to the new appliances. Soups, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, and soft cheeses are excellent choices. They will also need to avoid any sticky, chewy, or hard foods throughout treatment to prevent any damage to their braces.

Lastly, it’s not uncommon to feel soreness and tenderness from your braces pressing against your gums, especially when you first get your braces and after routine adjustments at our office. However, using dental wax can solve this issue. Just ask one of our team members to give you some at your next appointment.

How Long Does My Teen Need To Wear Braces?

While treatment times vary with each teen, comprehensive treatment typically takes between one and two years to complete. However, this treatment time depends upon three crucial factors:

  • Timely treatment: Earlier treatment allows our staff to ensure the proper development of your teen’s jaw and prescribe the necessary treatment. Not everyone is a prime candidate for braces early on, and it might be better to wait until they are older.
  • The severity of the problem: Some dental issues require more time and patience than others. Additionally, every patient’s mouth is different. While some minor gaps only need a year or less, it might take 24 months or longer to straighten teeth that are severely misaligned. Our team will fully discuss treatment length at your consultation.
  • Your teen: Lastly, your teen’s willingness to care for their braces and practice proper oral hygiene makes a big difference. Taking proper care of your braces can help keep your treatment on track and prevent any interruptions.

The Different Types of Braces We Offer

Picking the right braces for your teen can be a big decision. Luckily, at Braces Now, we offer different types of braces and have an experienced team to help walk you through the process.

  • Traditional metal braces use metal brackets connected by wires that gently guide teeth into place, correcting gaps, misalignments, and other issues.
  • Clear ceramic braces function very similarly to traditional metal braces but offer either a tooth-colored or clear ceramic look.
  • Iconix® AO braces are ideal for teens who would like discreet, but aesthetically pleasing, champagne-colored brackets.

At Braces Now, we strive to offer different types of braces paired with hands-on care. Our team is here for you and your teen every step of the way to provide a seamless, comfortable patient experience.