While many have braces early on in life, we understand that sometimes shifting occurs after having braces as a child, or sometimes, orthodontic problems don’t arise until later in life. At Braces Now, we offer braces for adults to help you achieve straighter teeth and improved oral health. In addition, braces can boost your confidence by giving you the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of.

We know that deciding to move forward with braces as an adult is a big decision. Our team at Braces Now is experienced in working with patients of all ages and is here to answer all your questions.

How Do I Know If Braces Are Right For Me?

Braces for adults can fix many issues that go beyond cosmetics. Although we tend to think of only straightening misaligned teeth, closing gaps, or correcting bite alignment, there are many oral issues braces can correct. These issues might include prolonged pain in the jaws, earaches, eroding bones, or difficulty speaking, breathing, and chewing.

Straightening your teeth can also make it easier to look after your oral health. By eliminating extra spaces for buildup, you can significantly reduce the chances of cavities, decaying teeth, and even gum disease. Paired with proper brushing and flossing, you can more easily maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What Braces for Adults Are Available?

At Braces Now, we have three different types of braces available for you to choose from. While all options are equally effective, we know that aesthetics can also be an important factor. We want you to feel just as confident about your smile throughout treatment as you will after!

  • Traditional metal braces: When people hear the word “braces,” these are the type of braces they usually picture. These braces use conventional metal brackets attached to the teeth linked by metal wires. These metal wires gently guide your teeth into proper alignment and are regularly adjusted to maintain this consistent pressure.
  • Ceramic braces: The main difference between traditional metal braces and ceramic braces are that ceramic braces are less noticeable. If you’re self-conscious about wearing braces, this is an excellent choice as the ceramic material blends in with your natural smile.
  • Iconix® AO braces: Like ceramic braces, the main difference with Iconix AO is that they’re less noticeable. The brackets are made of champagne-colored stainless steel and give a more aesthetically appealing look.

How Long Is Treatment Time?

As with any age, treatment time can vary for adults. Typically ranging between 12-24 months, those with more severe issues may be in treatment for a longer period of time. While everyone’s treatment plan is different, properly caring for your braces and maintaining your overall oral health can help keep your treatment plan on track.

In addition to regular brushing and flossing, you’ll want to make some lifestyle changes, such as avoiding hard, chewy, or sticky foods, taking extra time to brush and floss around the brackets and wires, and keeping up with all scheduled appointments with both Dr. Sol and your general dentist.

What’s the Total Cost of Braces?

The total cost of braces can depend upon several factors, such as your dental insurance benefits and the complexity of each treatment plan. At your initial consultation, we’ll provide you with the full cost breakdown and review all options for insurance benefits and payment plans.