5 Tips For Your First Week With Braces

At Braces Now, we’re all about using the best, most up-to-date treatment methods to make your orthodontic journey as quick and painless as possible. Whether you choose Invisalign or braces, you’re sure to experience an adjustment period while you get used to treatment. If you just got braces, or you’re scheduled to get them soon, here are our tips for surviving that first week with braces!

1. Use Saltwater Rinses

Although the process of getting braces shouldn’t hurt, you may experience some mild irritation and discomfort in your mouth during week 1. Remember, you’re adjusting to having brackets and wires in your mouth! If you find the insides of your cheeks and lips bothering you, try warm saltwater rinses. Add a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water and swish it around your mouth. You can do this several times a day if needed.

2. Stock Up On Cold, Soft Foods

As a general rule of thumb, patients wearing braces should avoid any hard or chewy foods that can break their brackets. During your first few days with braces, we recommend eating soft foods that are easy to chew (think yogurt, smoothies, pudding, soup, etc.). Cold foods like smoothies (and yes, even ice cream!) have the added benefit of numbing your mouth and providing temporary relief from discomfort.

3. Take An Over-The-Counter Pain Reliever Before Your Bonding Appointment

Patients often experience mild discomfort in the evening after their bonding appointment. Your mouth isn’t used to having an appliance in it, and added pressure from brackets and wires can cause sensitivity. If you want to get ahead of the discomfort, try taking an OTC pain reliever before your bonding appointment.

4. Use Orthodontic Wax

Orthodontic wax (braces wax) can be a lifesaver for braces patients. All that new hardware in your mouth can irritate your cheeks and lips. Luckily, your mouth will “toughen up” in no time, and you’ll get used to your braces. In the meantime, if a specific area of your braces is irritating your mouth, warm up a piece of wax between your fingers and place it over the part of your braces causing problems.

5. Practice Good Oral Hygiene (With A Soft-Bristled Toothbrush)

Think your oral hygiene was good before braces? Time to step it up a notch! Patients with braces need to brush more often because wires and brackets are experts at trapping food and bacteria. On top of brushing morning and night, be sure to brush your teeth after meals and snacks, too. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush (hard bristles can irritate your already tender teeth and gums) and fluoride toothpaste. Continue flossing once a day. If you’re unsure of how to floss with your braces, check out our video here!

These are our 5 basic tips for surviving week 1 with braces. The first week with braces can be challenging, but keep your end results in mind! Your mouth will adjust, and you’re on your way to the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. If you have any questions or you’re ready to start your own journey to picture-perfect teeth, schedule your completely free consultation at Braces Now today!